Creating Awareness in Your Facebook Sales Funnel

Facebook is a great powerful tool and knowing how to create a Facebook sales funnel can help your business grow like never before. Let’s have a look at Step #1 in your Facebook sales funnel, which focuses on creating awareness – It doesn’t matter what size your business is right now, you can use Facebook to increase your potential customer base and increase your sales. Facebook gets a lot of attention these days and rightfully so since it is such a powerful tool. Let’s look at creating awareness, the 1st step in your Facebook and social media sales funnel.This step has the greatest investment of your time. You need to build your brand awareness. In your Facebook sales funnel you have two things to focus on. 1. Make users aware of your products/services 2. Make users aware of your Facebook presence – once people are aware of your Facebook Page you can drive them to it. There are 3 main ways you can build awareness of your presence on Facebook:Targeted Ads It’s important for you to take advantage of the Facebook advertising platform. You can use Facebook ads to promoted landing pages that are off-site, but your main focus should be to use those targeted ads to promote your Facebook page so that you can enjoy the benefits.

Social Graph Distribution One of the strongest tools of Facebook is that information can spread virally. For organic and viral growth online you need to create very good content that Facebook users will want to share. It’s really that simple. No magic formula – just very good content.

Cross Promotion If your website has traffic you should use it for cross promotion. It’s one of the most missed opportunities on the web. Use your existing website to promote your Facebook page. Don’t worry about sending prospects away from your website to your Facebook page. They will return to your site as long as you give them a good reason to do so. In fact, cross promotion is a great tool to grow your fan base on your Facebook fan page and then seeing those same people visit your website.

Social media sites, like Facebook have a lot to offer business owners. By creating a functional Facebook sales funnel you will be able to walk through all the steps to ensure your visitors, who become your fans, are able to follow through and in the end you enjoy sales as a result of the follow through of those steps.


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