Can Anyone Make Money Writing Articles?

Writing articles, or article marketing is often touted as the best way to make money online, especially for newbies. In fact, writing articles is often considered a very easy way to make money. The fact is that article writing is a business that takes both time and skill. While it’s not easy, it’s certainly not beyond the abilities of most people to become article writers. It is quite possible, especially if you are good at writing! We will now look at some ways to succeed as an online article writer.Your new business will need a website. It’s much easier to make money online with even a basic site. Your clients should be able to find you easily. Your clients will also need a way to get in contact with you. Your site can make it easier for these things. Your site is also a good way for your clients to learn about you and your services. Your site becomes the equivalent to an online business card. Your website can include links to the work that you have completed and is a great way to illustrate your writing skill. Creating a website is relatively easy these days.

Don’t ever do free work. There will always be at least one person to tell you that you should do some free work to build your portfolio while you are learning about the trade. This is pure hooey. You should never write a free article to show your skills to a client. If you are going to write articles for free, do it for yourself and under your own name. Anyone who tries to convince you to do free work to prove your abilities is simply trying to get free articles out of you. Don’t let any client take advantage of you.

Are you already an experienced writer? If not then you should start gathering some. The fastest way to get this happening is to start your own blog. A blog is a great way to display your writing abilities and it can absolutely count as “writing experience”. You can direct your clients to your blog easily to show them your style. Another great reason to own a blog is the ability to monetize it. That little bit of extra money could be helpful while you focus on building your business.

Content writing is certainly a valid way to make some extra money online. At some point in their careers, many internet marketers turn the writing articles to pay their bills. A lot of people start with article writing because, as beginners, they think it won’t be difficult. However, it doesn’t take long for them to discover how difficult it can be to write articles. At the same time, when you write something that is well received, it is a profession that can be incredibly rewarding!


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