“Social Bookmarking” – 3 Proven Traffic Tips

You can buy website traffic all over the internet nowadays, sometimes for only a few dollars. What is not so easy is getting the kind of website visitors who you can convert into customers. One reason why “social bookmarking” is considered such a good promotional technique is that it’s a way to reach out to your niche market.A good place to start with your site, or blog, is to make it dead easy for your visitors to bookmark your site. Another important thing is giving your readers the maximum number of bookmarking options. This is easy to do with WordPress plugins, or you can easily find widgets for muliple bookmarking sites. You have the option of placing your bookmarking widgets either before or after your content. The reason “social bookmarking” has grown so fast is because of the ease of bookmarking offered by websites. Widgets are great because no one will bother to manually go to a site and do everything necessary to bookmark. If there’s an easy way to do something, you can bet they’ll choose the easy way.Regardless of where you submit your content, it must be informative and interesting. The overall quality of your content will determine whether it becomes popular on the “social bookmarking” site or not. Paying close attention to how well your article hits all the marks may pay off for you if it becomes popular. This is just one method in which you can use these sites to your benefit. So just remember to write your articles with original and well-researched content. Any market that searches for content is looking for some kind of answer to a question or problem, so make it your point to provide that and you’ll be set.

The description you write for your content is equally important as the headline you have for it. When people first see your bookmark they will read your description to get a gist of your content, which will then decide if they want to visit your site or not. So, again, you need to put some care and attention into the writing of your description. As for the description length, just write about 100 words and you’ll be fine – that’s enough. So, just pay a little more attention to the headline and description because you’ll be helping to make your efforts more successful.

To recap, untold numbers of marketers are using “social bookmarking” sites in a variety of ways in their businesses. If there is one thing that you need to remember then it has to be focusing on the quality, rather than quantity. Remember the important points about headlines and descriptions regarding originality and correct length.

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