Issues With Multi level marketing – #2 It’s Got Nothing To Do With The Goods Or Comp Plan!

Despite what you may have been told by your sponsor, your success in Multilevel Marketing has very little to do with the quality of your company’s products, or the pay out levels of their pay plan. There are thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of distributors out there offering exactly the same as you, so the only difference you can offer is …

When I got started in my Multi level marketing I assumed that I had found an incredible deal that only a few people knew about. The organization had great goods, that I knew I can sell and I could see how I could make a good income by motivating others to sell the products also. It wasn’t until several months later that I found out my company had over 100,000 reps around the globe who were also selling the items! I went from thinking that I had very little competition to the realisation that I was really competing with numerous people!

That did not matter though, because my organization had the greatest pay plan in the industry. There were bonuses and incentives that I may start earning just as soon as I got a few main leaders into my business. I wouldn’t need to sell that lots of products to make big money! Again, I was mistaken! All of the bonuses and rewards went to the highest producers and I would only get a part of those when I joined the ranks of the Heavy Hitters!

The point is this: The only thing which makes your offering different from the other 100,000+ marketers is actually something that just you may offer. Your unique feature is YOU! Your experiences, motives for beginning a business, goals and dreams are unique to you. This is what people who want to follow you want to know about and this is what will direct you forward in your business. If you spend all of your time pitching and telling people how amazing your goods and comp plan are then you’ll seem like a sales person with no personality! Would you need to follow someone like that?

You need to be able to inspire people. Be open and honest and share more of your self with the people you speak to, so that they could see your interest and enthusiasm. When people know that you’re enthusiastic about what you do, because you know you’re working toward your dreams, they will be queuing up to ask you what you’re working on! People will Need to find out what you know and they don’t! That is when prospecting becomes fun, rather than being a chore!


Key Issues With MLM #3: Assuming That Anyone And Everybody Is A Prospect!

Believe it or not, your Aunty Sue and Uncle Bob are not ideal potential customers for your Multi-level marketing business! This may come as a surprise, but if you’re still recruiting amongst your friends and relations then you are still putting yourself at a huge downside to the Multi-level marketing business. The way to prospect without losing your family and friends is very simple than you might think …

There are 2 ways of looking at prospecting: either you speak to people who\’ve not heard of your products or services before and try to convince them that they are interested, or you market to people who are already thinking about what you have to offer and attract them to you. The standard Multilevel marketing approach is an example of the former, these days I am going to focus on the latter – attraction marketing.

The thought of attracting skilled potential customers to you might seem odd at first, but this is the basis of most types of marketing. The goal is to make your message about your products and service simple to find, in order that when people do their research it’s your message that they see rather than your competitors. By making it know that you can aid your prospects to get what they need, you’ll be able to generate lots of leads for your business!

There are many different marketing strategies that you may use to get qualified prospects. You might select to use article or video marketing, free classified ads and banner advertising, or even pay-per-click advertising, but whatever methods you do choose it’s vital to learn how to be even more efficient than your competitors!

For example the power of attraction marketing, each article or video that you make is like a piece of bait to your potential customers. The more articles and videos you create, the more pieces of bait you’ve on the web. Each of these might bring you 5 leads every month, but if you produce 20, 50 or even 100 articles and videos then the number of leads you generate every month will soon stack up! Consistent effort is the key!

Therefore, to summarize, you can either continue prospecting anyone and everybody, or you can find a mentor to show you how to put attraction marketing to work in your business. key problem with learning to market in this way is that your present sponsor or upline trainer is probably unclear how to do it and therefore they could not possibly show you! If you select to move away from the word-of-mouth multilevel marketing methods then it makes sense to follow somebody who is already achieving results building their internet business. That’s exactly what I decided to do and I have never looked back since choosing to move away from the standard network marketing strategies!